Make It Happen Tuesday, I mean MONDAY!

Yeah, I'm a day late, and more than a few dollars short ... Linking up with the lovely (although prego) Ammie over at Domestically Obsessed to share my to do list....Are you Getting Your Home On??

1. Post menu plan for week 3 of Pantry Challenge (done!)
2. Post something over at the Frugal Fitness site (Done!!)
3. Move money around from shopping excursion.
4. Make deposit.
5. Move money around again.
6. Remind self that Pantry Challenge is in EFFECT as is healthier LIVING!
7. Call and make mammo and ultrasound appt.
8. Make dr appt for checkup and blood work (eek)
9. Check if Dr. Green is still on plan for Dermo for Sonny Boy
10. Call Belltone to inquire on health insurance acceptance (I've been hard of hearing all my life and it's getting progressively worse, time to get a new hearing aide as the one I have is from elementary school)
11. Pay bills
12. Update budget sheet
13. Put together post of the Pantry Challenge Shopping Excursion. Uh, this will be real interesting.

That's it. I ended on the unlucky 13 so I added in the last thing of:

14. Make post of product review of the yummy, delicious Healthy Choice Fudge Bars I had ...


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