Make It Happen Monday

I'm a little late to Get My Home On but I know that someone out there is anxiously waiting to see what's on the list! Honestly? I'd just as soon skip it this week but I know better.  So here we go:

1. Start working out again. Starting this evening! Now that I feel better, NO EXCUSE!
2. Post and link menu plan (done!)
3. Set up bill pay
4. Make deposit. Transfer 20% of said deposit and balance checkbook
5. Organize and try to make some sense of the pantry (part of the pantry challenge, discovered 5 boxes of pancake mix!)
6. Update 2011 calendar (move all the stuff from 2010, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)
7. Re-write Princess school schedule. Can't make heads or tails of what day and where :)
8. Remind Sonny boy to get SAT waiver from GC and also to get his parking decal before Brutis get's towed while in class
9. Laundry. Iron. Put away (never really got done last week)
10. Get routine back for taking vitamins in the morning
11. Tell Hubby I love him

That's it for me. Last week really threw me off being so sick all week long. Seriously. Nothing got done. Didn't even put the luggage away until Saturday, a whole 8 days after we got home. Thankfully the kids helped out with keeping things picked up and hubby picked up some slack in the food prep area but whew, I'm glad I feel better!

Are YOU getting your home on? If so, hop on over to Ammie at Domestically Obsessed and link up! If you aren't ... maybe you SHOULD hop on over! :) Many thanks to Ammie for hosting Make It Happen Monday!


  1. hey jan! we'd be so lost on Mondays without you, girlfriend! Thanks for linking up! I am loving the remember to kiss hubby! you better shower that man wiht some love tonight! And take those vitamins! ;) Thanks for linking up!

  2. Thanks Ammie ... and I'm simply telling Hubby that I love him, never said anything about kisses and hugs {{eg}}


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