Make It Happen Monday

I certainly hope it's a HAPPY Monday!  Thanks to Ammie over at Domestically Obsessed for hosting the little linkup for the Monday to do list!

We traveled for a week, then got waysided by cancelled flights and spent more time than I would wish upon anyone at the airport. It was sad as Hubby and I both watched another young couple with 2 toddlers and a baby go from gate to gate with us ... told Hubby that I would gladly give my standby seat up for them :( Me and the kids finally caught the last flight out at 7:30pm. Hubby jumped on the flight to Fort Myers, grabbed a car and drove across the alley and got home at 3am. Funny enough, he gave 2 other people a lift too ... they were following us around and actually Sonny Boy was rude and told the one guy not to cut in line anymore. Apparently didn't know that there was an etiquette to letting the counter people know you wish to fly standby (ok, you see 20 people go from gate to gate and stand in line at each counter, and  you just think you walk up to the side and say excuse me??)  He apologized to Hubby and asked that he relay that to the son.

So needless to say, I'm sick. Chest cold. But I believe/hope that I'm on t he road to recovery! So my to do list may be small but not really (so much to do!)

1. Laundry. Iron. Put away (all one thing)
2. Clean laundry room. The cat seems to have decided to fling cat litter everywhere ... thankfully it's clean stuff
3. Clean kitchen junk drawer. Funny, I stay at someones home and I get the strange urge to declutter and reorganize!
4. Call on newspaper subscription. Just how much do I really owe (they keep sending the paper but no bill ... Sunsentinel is famous for that!)
5. Remind Sonny Boy to sign up for SAT
6. Remind Princess to follow up on book orders and return last semester for refund
7. Pay bills at work.
8. Make deposits. Clear out checking account of current balance to savings prior to deposits. 20% to savings from current deposit
10. Set up bill pay for current bills
11. Set up new doctor for both kids online. Make dr appointments for all 3 of us (hubby just did his)
12. Follow up on vision plan. Make eye appt for me
13. Call gyno for results (holiday backlog?) ... make appt for mammo and ultrasound for one day if possible
14. Post menu plan and link to Menu Plan Monday
15. Empty pics from camera. Give explicit directions to kids on new camera (um, easy, this is MINE. You can use the one you dropped and now behaves badly...neither one will admit to it but you can TELL).

That's it for now. I know there are so many other things I need to do but it's late, I'm tired (how can that be??) and I need to tidy up the kitchen ... are you getting your home on? Head over to Ammie's site and link up!


  1. ha! jan, you crack me up every week. I love your sardonic tone with your to-dos.

    Hope you are feeling better super fast! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I was so happy we decided not to travel over the holidays, especially since it would have been to New England and who knows how long we'd have been stuck in Boston airport! I love your idea of putting 20% of your deposit into savings. I think I'm going to adopt that one. Thanks for sharing the idea.


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