It's like Found Money!

Today is payday (woohoo!) ... and also, the first paycheck of the year to reflect the 2% reduction of social security payment.  I chuckle and snort that 2% ain't nothin, but certainly, better than no percent!

Well. Imagine my surprise.

$50 more. Every 2 weeks.  That's $100 a month. $1200 a YEAR!!! Holy cow, that's like, A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!

So, of course, the first fleeting thought that comes to my mind is: What can I spend it on???

Uh, NO. That is not what I thought of ... well, maybe for a split second, but that was it. Honestly.

Why? Because I know that is why it's so hard to get ahead. You find extra money, be it a raise at work, child out of diapers, etc., but you continue to spend it instead of SAVING it. Uh huh. The cost of YOUR living goes up directly relating to the amount of money brought it. Seriously. Pathetic, huh?

So...the $50 will go in to the savings account every 2 weeks.  I AM seriously tempted to make a new saving category for this NEW money to go to but realize, I must stay focused, to which, it will just be dumped into the savings account. In addition to the 20% already going in from each check. Hmmm...that means THIS week savings deposit will be $266.20. I deducted the $50 right off the top and then did the 20% calculation. Only because I want to pretend the $50 never even showed up :)

So, what are you going to do with your NEW FOUND MONEY?

Linking up to Life As Mom and her Frugal Fridays link up! Come on over and check it out! Today's theme? Bad money habits .. which for me, spending any extra that comes my way...bad bad bad!


  1. Ours will almost cover the increase from the state of IL :(

  2. Oh that's a bummer :( Glad we don't have state income tax although it would probably help the coffers ...


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