You know, fuel, like for your car?

They (whomever THEY are) predict that by the summer time, in a mere 5 to 6 months, the price will be around $4.00 a gallon.

You think the $3.xx you pay now is bad? Wait til it hits $4.00.

So, what can you do?

Ride a bike.


Take public transportation.


Stay home.

And of course, consolidate your outings.

Of course, those who do not live in a bigger city area won't have some of these options. But for me, IF I wasn't so lazy, I COULD ride a bike (if I had one, got rid of mine last year), I COULD walk, I COULD take the city bus (ick, but they do have free wifi on most now!) and I COULD hop a ride with Hubby (but that would make me dependent on him to get home at a decent hour, not so much fun!) ... staying home, I do enough of that already.

Whew. Just the thought of filling up the Tahoe with it's 30 gallon tank makes me cringe ... $120?? And then Brutis with it's even bigger tank. Gads. I may need to rework the budget for this area!


  1. British 'gas' prices - £1.32 per litre and there are 3.78 European litres in one American Gallon - so we are paying £4.98 and in dollars that it is ($1.56 = £1)$7.76!!!!! Crikey and we have cars that mainly do 50 miles to the gallon and we still think 'gas' is expensive!

  2. Wow....I'm not sure what I'm more amazed at, $7.76 a gallon or 50 miles per gallon!!


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