Freezer Update's been a more productive week! There are signs of hope!! I'm actually quite pleased with this past week's results ...


pkg of turkey lunchmeat
2 pkgs of bagel bites (I think this is it!)
1 box of Taquitos (yahoo) (close to tossing the remainder of box 2, I think they are freezer burned at this point)
1 small box of mac and cheese
*HC Fudge bars, one box is getting 'lower' but don't want to toss the box as then I will lose the remaining bars so the box stays in the door*
2 lb of butter (moved to the fridge and one box is already gone!)
1 pkg ready cooked bacon
filet mignon steaks
2 boxes crabcakes
2 frozen pizzas
1 smoothie mix
half bag of raspberries
4 pizzas (and see the 2 removed, so only 2 left)
1 lb frozen blueberries
small pkg of tortellini for Sonny Boy


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