Freezer Update

Sometimes I feel like I'm making progress and other times I feel like it's a bottomless pit!

Here's whats been removed lately:

1 oj concentrate (last one!?)
smoked turkey lunchmeat (WTH, only 9 ounces??)
bag of fried turkey
a few more sausage patties
2 bag of shrimp
bag of meatballs (I have no more now, panic!)
2 pkgs of snausages (again, I have no more, panic!)
1 pkg bacon
1 grape juice concentrate

And here's what I've added:

4 yoplait frozen smoothie mixes (I got them cheap!) ... these are stashed so no one sees them, figured it might be a nice treat towards the end of the month!
2 12 oz deli sliced ham, was in the freezer at work (forgot I had picked them up end of December)
5 cans of oj concentrate
2 cans of grape concentrate
2 bags of brocolli


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