Freezer Update

STILL trying to clear out the freezers ... the pantry/freezer challenge is helping a little but NOT as much as I had anticipated. Since I'm FINALLY starting to feel better, hopefully I'll be a little more motivated!
Here's whats been removed this past week:

2 pkgs of chicken breast (hubby made some chicken soup in the crockpot on Thursday night ... I think he's pushing me to get better too ... he also came home with some Emergen-C)
1 bag of broccoli
2 bratwurst (cooked) - not sure but I think Hubby ate them Thursday night after I went bed (not going so well with this post!)
1/2 loaf of italian/french bread (not sure which it really is) to go with the soup
2 pkgs mix veggies (one left, thankfully, I'm not crazy about the quinoa ones!)
bag of pork chops
a few sausage patties
1 pkg ground turkey
Mozzarella cheese (2 pkgs)
bag of wings
1 OJ concentrate
2 boxes of spinach (hubby picked up not realizing I had some already)


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