Freezer Update

I've been trying to keep track of whats taken from the freezer so I can sort of keep track of the inventory list (yeah, right) ... here's what I've removed from the freezer in the past few weeks ...

1/2 bag of sliced onions (for the black bean soup)
1 bag of flame roasted chicken breast
waffles (I believe this is the LAST package)
1 pkg ham lunchmeat
1 pkg turkey lunchmeat
2 packages of chicken breast
1 pkg of fried turkey (ziploc)
6 pk muffins
1 bag of steam taters
1 pkg mozzarella slices
1 pkg bacon

And here's what I've added:
*I haven't added anything except 2 bags of broccoli but others have added:
onion rings
jalapeno poppers
cheese sticks

Those junky things were from Sonny Boy's New Years Eve party ... they apparently didn't fry EVERYTHING up and just wedged the bags in the freezer ... nice.


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