Conversation with a Princess

Some days, I question myself as a decent mother. Granted, I've got 20 years invested so I must be doing something right ....

Princess: (as she stands in front of the open fridge) Mom, did you make this orange juice?

Me: (sitting at the table reading the mail) What do you mean, "did" I make it?

Princess: Well, do you MAKE it? It has pulp in it. You never buy the stuff with pulp and mine had TONS of it this morning (smiling big because she LOVES pulp and I HATE it)

Me: Well, its the frozen stuff you add water to if that's what you mean (me thinking doh, I'm not squeezing oranges baby just for you to have pulp)

Princess: Oh ... it's frozen?

Me: (thinking where did the gene pool go wrong??) Yes, those little cans in the garage freezer. The ones that say OJ Concentrate? Thats it. 3 cans of water mixed up well.

Princess: Ohhhh, now I understand. But why so much pulp? The other glasses didnt' have that much.

Me: You need to make sure you shake it up. Ummmm (thinking now), you used the rest that was in the container. The stuff on the bottom. The dregs. Ick.

Princess: Oh no, it was good, I'll gladly drink the OJ dregs from now on.

And there you have it, a typical mother daughter conversation in my house.


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