Aldi's trip

So I put together my menu plan for the week. Type it all up and add all my links.  AND even state that $20 or so should be sufficient for what I need to get.

Yeah right. A trip to the store for a mere $20? Who am I kidding?

5qt cast iron dutch oven (been really wanting one for a while!) $29.99
4 pkgs peanut butter chocolate wafers (aka Nutty Buddy) 99 cents each
ketchup $1.19
baby dills $1.19
2 gallons milk $1.99 each
2 vanilla yogurts $1.99 each
half and half $1.99
2 grapefruits 59 cents each
2 mac and cheese (freezer, individual) 99 cents each
toothbrushes $1.69
2 frozen oj $1.19 each
fresh pineapple $2.69 (ok, thought it said 69 cents so really, would not have taken it!)
cantaloupe $1.99
2pks frozen broccoli 99 cents each
bananas 80 cents and $1.02
2 pkg red and yellow peppers $2.29
flour tortillas 99 cents
head of lettuce $1.29
sliced cheese $1.99
3 pkgs andes mint chocolate baking chips 50 cents each (clearance)
cocktail sauce $1.09
2 tomato soup 49 cents each
2 chicken noodle soup 49 cents each
donut blend coffee $3.99
2 cucumbers 29 cents each
2 6in1 sprinkles 50 cents each (clearance)
2 holiday cookie (sugarcookies, fridge section) 99 cents each (clearance)
spaghetti sauce $1.19
2 avocados 49 cents each
not really sugar $1.19
2 200ct tissues $1.19 each
grape tomatoes 99 cents
white bread 89 cents
2 bagels $1.39 each
1dozen eggs 69 cents (this is by far the cheapest I've found them to be anywhere)
bbq chips $1.29
plain chips $1.29

And my grand total was: $95.56. Good lord.  I could easily eliminate over 70% of that stuff! Will power, where is it!


  1. Were you hungry when you went into the store? I never have will power when i am hungry.

  2. Nope, ate before I went, was feeling icky though (this cold) I guess I just saw a few too many "good" deals to say no to!


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