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Saturday, January 1, 2011


That's odd, just to type it!!

Hopefully this year will bring many good things to alot of people. 

I love a new year, as much as I love a new month. It's a chance to start new, to start with a clean, white piece of paper and make something happen.

I've got goals. I always have goals. I do not always reach them which is my own fault, as I know that I sometimes set the bar too high, with no realistic plan to reach the goal ... but at least I know that!

This year, yet again, my primary goal shall be to save, save, SAVE.  And not spend the savings! Sure, I can save, but it doesn't take me long to spend it! I would like to say 25% of my income, but can not commit to that, so I will just save every penny I can and put it away.

To jump start that, I will be taking all my change that I currently have in my shoe box (yeah, a shoe box folks) and cash that in to deposit in the savings account! I may also just add that as my workout for the day!

How about you ... do you have realistic goals this year?

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