I voted this morning on my way to work. It's just best if I do it early in the day so it's done and out of the way! The church parking lot is full, and I'm thinking, oh no. The volunteers were out there waving their signs and offering up the brochures. No thanks, I've already done my homework ...

Thankfully, a driver's license is sufficient if you are registered voter as I had left mine home, I never carry it or my social security card. So they swipe it, give me a receipt and send me to the next table. There I pick up my ballot (3 sheets, front and back, good lord!) along with the PRIVACY folder (this is a huge joke, in my opinion). A side note: all the attendants who check you in when you arrive? They've been doing this since I've been voting at this location, over 20 years. They said that this is probably their last year ... no way!

There, another attendant leads me to a chair in the middle of this big long table with about 20 chairs on each side. There is one lonely privacy booth on each table. No, I do not get the privacy booth. Must be reserved for someone else.

So I set at this table, feeling totally exposed. I glanced around and saw probably 30 to 35 other people sitting at other spots. There were probably 10 people at my table, so figured every 3rd chair. 

So I sit. And notice that every stinking choice is in THREE languages. Yes THREE. I'm sorry, but if you are declared an American Citizen and can VOTE then you should be able to read and write English. Not Spanish. Not French-Creole. Just not right.

Anyways. So I look around and really, feel totally exposed. I'm probably the youngest one there. There are couples and friends sitting side by side reviewing the ballot AND discussing the options. HOLY COW!!! What is wrong with THAT picture????

I vote. Fill in all my bubbles, perfectly. Do not color out side the line and make sure it's filled solid. My vote WILL count today.

Take my pen to the gal at yet another table and she directs me to the man where I will feed my sheets in to the machine. The attendant request that I hand him my privacy folder. I do. Then instructs me to feed the sheets in one by one. I do. Again, NO privacy walls up around this. AND he's standing right there, seriously, I could have reached out and hugged him, he was that close.

So, I think seriously, there WAS a problem there today. Honestly. I've already let the local newspaper know as I want to see what is said about it.

Just plain odd.


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