Trying not to panic

I realize that I am out of the following items:

Ketchup. I have a small bottle, half empty if even half left. NONE in the pantry. Realize that Hubby must have used the LAST big bottle during his bbq episode ...

Onions. You know, the all around produce staple? I think I have ONE left in the fridge. I do have some in the freezers (thanks to the inventory list!!)

Brownie mix. Yeah, I know, its a box but still.

Sour cream. Oh Oh. This never happens. I couldn't make the cheesecake because I didn't have any more sour cream. Used the last of it in the three corn casserole.

Cat litter. Ok. You know what? I'm ready to boycott that whole area. Damn it anyways. It's not MY cat that uses the stinkin litterbox. He hangs outside all day long and then comes in, hooks a left down the hallway and another left into the laundry room to do his business then comes marching right back to the sliding glass door to go outside again. WTH??

Dish soap. Uh huh. I'm pretty darn low right now. Like, bubbles come out when I squeeze the bottle.

Laundry soap. Down to my last bottle of Tide. With Febreeze. So glad I saved this bottle til last! It's half gone.

I'm sure there are other things that I'm running low on ... but that's ok. I will NOT panic and feel the need to go out and BUY them this very moment.

But secretly, I certainly hope there are some decent deals coming up in the next few weeks!!


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