The Thanksgiving Feast

I laugh now when I think back on all the Thanksgiving meals as a kid. I was so picky and would NOT eat any of that stuff, with the exception of the dinner rolls and corn and some desserts (get the pies away from me, ick!).

Now look at me. Almost everything, except the stuffing and green bean casserole, and the pumpkin pie, and the pecan pie ... and oh, I suppose there are a few things still that I bypass.

Sonny Boy is just like me when I was that age. It's infuriating and now I realize what my mother went through. Ha. History DOES repeat itself.

Anyways ... as an adult, I've learned to go with the flow of things much more smoothly!

We fry our turkeys. Yes, more than one. Generally 3 or 4 and then our friends do theirs. 

We rotate our dinner location between our home and our best friends who live about 10 blocks up the street.

This year will be at John & Kathy's. They've put a lot of work into redoing their home and I can't wait to cook in the new kitchen alongside Kathy ... wohoo! New appliances! State of the art oven! I'm sooooo in!

So with the keeping in the Severely Restricted Spending mode for November (which at times looks to be an utter failure!) I am going to dig out the three turkey breast I have taking up major, valuable space in the freezer of the guest kitchen.  We are just trying to determine HOW to put them in the fryer as we don't think we can thread a breast on the base thingy. I'm sure the boys will figure it out one way or the other ... but in the meantime, I may need to look into roasting them (ICK! NO!).

As Kathy and I have not totally discussed the plans of who will do what, I've got tentative ideas of what to make and take ... mashed taters (which some laugh at but because I (and Sonny Boy) don't do stuffing, we add taters to the meal!), green bean casserole, dinner rolls (I so LOVE Aldis right now) and a dessert ...  but of course, Kathy may want to make the green bean casserole (which is fine) but I insist on making the mashed taters and the dinner rolls ... and you can never have too many desserts!  John likes his cranberry which Kathy will take care of for him. Hubby LOVES stuffing so I will probably pull the fixins out for him to make that on Wednesday OR Friday ... he makes a turkey (fried) for the girls at work for Wednesday's feast before the holiday ... It's a good feeling knowing that I COULD make everything today with what I have on hand and no special trip to the store (although, I'm out of NOT Butter and I need to dig in the inventory the two freezer for some frozen butter)

So how about it, what are you all planning on making?


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