SRS - Severely Restricted Spending Update #2

It hasn't been so very bad, into week 2.

However, the gas pump wouldn't stop at 30, so I ended up putting $35.01 into the Tahoe ... that gave me a little over a half tank on Monday.

I stopped at the grocery store (Publix) on Wednesday to get the Hood Smart Milk, beef broth and a few other SELECT items on my list with coupons in hand. Was aiming for $20. Uhhh. No Smart Milk. No Beef Broth. $60 later, with the majority of it being produce stuff (very disappointed here in the quality and PRICE of the produce) along with 4 cans of french cut green beans, 2 cans of black beans, 2 cans of pizza sauce, carnation instant breakfast, bread, hoagie rolls, and a few other oddball things ... was more than I wanted, and had to BEG for rain checks.

Thursday got out of work early. WANTED to go to Aldi's but said NO since I just spent $40 more than I wanted at the grocery store the previous night. So instead, I went to Faith Farm, my newest favorite thrift store to look for a new pair of jeans.

Yahoo ... got me a pair of low flare 542 Levi's ... perfect fit $3.99 AND a shawl double breasted button up cardigan sweater by Take Out for $3.99. Bypassed the cool fiestaware set, the cool shoes, a few dresses, etc. Got exactly what I needed and left (this all because I wore a pair of my jeans to work and all day long, my stomach was getting pinched by the TIGHT waistband...let's face it, time to get moving and lose some weight).

Then stopped at the bread store (the thrift and bread place close way too early for me to make a normal stop on my way home from work) and got a loaf of bread for 79 cents, coney island style hot dog buns, 79 cents, regular hot dog buns, 79 cents (freezer), 6 ho ho's, 6 snack donuts packs and 2 boxes of zingers. Junk, I know. $10.

I will be going to Aldi's this weekend, hopefully with Hubby and/or Animals in tow to check it out ... Heck I'm so dang excited that they've finally come to South Florida!!

So, now that I've confessed to spending quite a bit this week, how has everyone else done?

*This post is linked over to Frugal Friday's with Jessica at Life As Mom ... check her site out, pretty cool stuff from a gal that lives on the exact opposite coast of me!


  1. I've been doing pretty good this week on groceries but bad on adding to the cc to get a second bathroom functional...and one of hubby's checks is two weeks late. Bad timing so groceries this week will be milk and inexpensive fresh produce.

  2. Hey, anything helps Brie! Hopefully that check comes through soon ...hate when that happens. Good luck and keep us posted on how you do (as for the bathroom, have NO advice to offer on that!)


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