Menu Plan Monday

It's Monday (again!?) and that means time to link up over at Organizing Junkie Menu Plan Monday! Go check it out and link up ... tons of other ideas there too! 

Hubby is traveling this week to Detroit ...

Sonny Boy has school 4 days this week ....

Princess has 4 classes this week AND starts her new job at Tijuana Flats (go get em' girly!)...

And Me? Well, I have work this week. At the moment, as I type this in advance, I think it shouldn't be too busy but who am I kidding? I say that and then get slammed ...

And I'm entering week three of the SRS program ... with very little cash left to tide me over after my Aldi's trip ... I really have NO need to go to the grocery store ...

So with all those factors above, dinner time shall be simple and not at all difficult:

Sunday - Pasta with my red sauce that I got up at the crack of dawn to make (not really) with a green salad and garlic rolls to hopefully celebrate finally getting the rope lights (LED) up around the back of house and patio (been a long ride to do this, Hubby is a perfectionist)

Monday - Garlicky chicken with rice and veggies

Tuesday (hubby out) -  Burgers on the grill (will make them small so I can use the slider buns from freezer)

Wednesday (hubby out) - Survivor Night - soup and sandwiches (I'm thinking easy peasy here with grilled cheese and tomato soup! But I may change my mind and do black bean soup and some other sandwich type?)

Thursday (hubby out) This is my Pillsbury Crescent night, so I'm making little pigs in the blanket (the lil smokies were in the freezer, thankfully!), baked brie and a dessert of sorts ... all will be using the Crescents (free coupons provided by Pillsbury) ... there will be a separate post on this later!

Friday (hubby home!) - I believe something along the lines of Chicken!

Saturday - steak and double baked taters (I really need to eat the filet mignon before too much longer)...most likely have friends over since Hubby's birthday is Sunday ... maybe I'll make brownies from scratch (no boxes left!).

So there you have it. One link. No recipes. Simple as can be. But this is good, it falls in with the SRS plan for the month AND leaves me with minimal stress. I am all for that!


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