Menu Plan Monday

Here it is, another Monday. Gee, have you noticed how they just keep showing up??
That means Menu Plan Monday over at Organizing Junkie, and Make It Happen Monday over at Domestically Obsessed. I highly recommend you visit both sites and link up if you are so inclined ... they are both great with a great deal of useful information to be read!

As I am still doing the SRS program (that means Severely Restricted Spending), before I post this weeks proposed menu, I was lucky enough to start the freezer inventory. I got the main one done on Saturday and started the guest kitchen one on Sunday. Of course, Sunday, I was in a bad mood and after one shelf, was just overwhelmed and said forget it til the next day ... but you can link over here to see what's in the main kitchen freezer (alot!)

Monday - Fried chicken and mashed taters and gravy (chicken and taters from freezer, gravy from pantry)
Tuesday - Chicken apple sausage and macaroni and cheese, originally was going to do taters but 2 nights in a row? No thanks!) (sausage from freezer and rest in pantry)
Wednesday -  Quesidillas (chicken from pantry, canned) and black bean soup (all pantry and freezer again!) Need to make tomato stuff
Thursday - Chili cheese dogs (need buns from store)
Friday - For Hubby, Chicken thighs on grill with scalloped taters (fyi - food processor sliced these perfect over the weekend, no need to buy a new mandolin just yet!)
Saturday - Pork and black beans and rice (cubano?)


  1. Hi! Happy MPM! I love the way you are using things you have on hand! I never can remember to use things I have in my freezer. Your menu looks great this week. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Holly, thanks for the compliment! I need to use up what I have on hand as I have waayyy to many things in the freezer and pantry! Appreciate you stopping by and happy MPM to you!

  3. Your menu looks yummy! Good for you for shopping your pantry/freezer.

  4. Alicia, thanks for stopping by! Yes, I am determined to get the freezers and pantry emptied a little more so I have room for the new year!


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