Make It Happen Monday

Oh boy ... we are in the homestretch to the end of the year. If you are not normally a list maker, now would be the time to change THAT attitude :)

If you've been following along, I've been linking up to Ammie over at Domestically Obsessed and posting my Monday morning list of things to do for the upcoming week. And much to my horror, I realize that I occasionally spell AMMIE's name wrong (I'm so sorry!).

Anyways ... busy week, month coming up here. 18th and 20th birthdays of the two animals (OMG!). Hubby flies out Saturday morning and returns the following Friday Tuesday. Garage Sale on Saturday. Kids birthday gathering on Saturday night. Which means I have girlfriends over on Saturday night (uh uh, no way am I supporting all these animals by myself ... I need other adult reinforcments!). So with that in we go:

1. Anything that looks REMOTELY out of place, slap a price tag on it for garage sale [evil laugh] PURGE baby!
2. Once and for all, clear out the closet floor. Just do it and be done.
3. Clean bathroom drawers out. Toss the make up that you just don't wear (90% of it).
4. Kids birthday cards.
5. Kids meeting with party rules and expectations (no booze, smoking away from the adults only (some of the friends smoke, over 18, sleepovers fine WITH the exception that girls sleep in guest room, boys in living room, all out of the house by 9am Sunday, no booze, if caught near the bar, fingers will be snapped (the big girls meaning me and friends most likely will be there), live music is fine but must end by 11pm or sooner if requested by neighbors or police, all must pitch in throughout night to help clear mess so not a big chore the following morning) ... hmmm, did I forget anything?
6. Laundry and ironing. Put all away.
7. Price tags on stuff.
8. Call doctor for mammogram script
9. Link up to Menu Plan Monday
10. Talk to kids about food on Saturday. Tacos ok? Good, done.
11. Have kids bake cake and make cookies while I'm doing garage sale.
12. Set up bills for auto bill pay.
13. PAY PROPERTY TAX BILL no later than Tuesday (ick. $5500) Do you think I should move this from #13 to #1??
14. Drop off library books.
15. Bed Bath and Beyond for towels for gifts - DON'T FORGET COUPONS! (these cool little towels that you drain your dishes on ...awesome)
16. Start evaluating winter clothing for trip. Is anyone laughing at this? My kids do NOT have a winter jacket. They never need them here. The ones that we had were like from 2nd and 4th grades! OMG.  Sonny Boy had me laughing so hard I almost peed my pants :)
17. Wii weigh in
18. Wii workout plan
19. Wii goals
20. Play Wii :)
21. Put Garage Sale ad in Craiglist starting Wednesday.

Ahhh...21 things. Woohoo. I finally had Hubby move theWii from the Florida Room aka Man Cave to the main living room. We've been bowling and playing tennis for fun!

Are YOU getting your home on? Link on up with Ammie to show you do!


  1. wow! 21 things! Now THAT is a list, my friend! Don't worry about the spelling, everyone gets it wrong. LOL. And yes, move your tax bill to #1!!!!!! YOU DON'T WANT TO BE LATE ON THAT ONE!!!! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Ha glad that you are forgiving! 21 does seem like a LOT but look, a few of them are Wii related, and I also believe I may have repeated myself as to the kids and birthday stuff...teens, mini adults, animals, whatever they are :) Again...thanks for coming by!


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