Make It Happen Monday

Really, maybe we should request it be re-named to Make It Happy Monday? :)

If you've been following along, I've been linking up to Aimee over at Domestically Obsessed and posting my Monday morning list of things to do for the upcoming week.

Yeah, some of the things get checked off after lingering for a few weeks.

Other times, they just carry over. Stuff Happens. Such as is Life!

Anyways. I'm getting My Home On, at least I hope to!

1. Remove the 3 breast from the freezer to thaw. AT LAST!
2. Touch base with Cathy to finish up sides.
3. Remind bosses of Christmas leave.
4. Discuss options with kids for birthdays (18 and 20!!)
5. Call primary dr and see if she can get script for mammogram to me.
6. IF #5 is successful, schedule mammo at Holy Cross.
7. Check out cheater reader glasses. If not the issue, call eye dr.
8. Set up last 3 bills of month for auto pay.
9. Balance check book and smile.
10. Remove balance of check book to property taxes and weep.
11. Start getting pictures MORE organize for the Christmas gifts.
12. Check out Brookstone for the helicopters.
13. Order Sonny Boy design creation tshirts for Sis & Bri (he designed some really cool tshirts online for birthday gifts)
14. Call tmobile and see what kind of excellent deal I can get for 2 new phones for kids.
15. List mirrors on craigs list.
16. List suits on craigs list.
17. Check with Church and Joan on garage sale.

That's it. Seriously. I'm trying to keep it simple here this week! Yeah right. So what's on your to do list this week? Go on over and link UP!


  1. I am loving the auto bill set up on your list! I have a few of these set up, but I like to pay each bill myself. Let me know how it goes! Thanks for linking up!

  2. really makes a difference to me in that I don't "forget" to pay something on time ... since I've gone to carrying cash for 90% of the purchases, it doesn't mess me up too much on balancing the checkbook either!


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