Make It Happen Monday

Thanks to Ammie over at Domstically Obsessed, I've started to Get My Home On and post my to do list here. Does it necessarily help me? Yeah, but I have to fight the urge to re-create it on line as you know how things change every day....notice laundry and ironing are NOT on this week? Thats because in my fit yesterday morning, I ironed ... good therapy!

So here I am, once again, attempting to get my home on!

1. Menu Plan, pull recipes and coordinate
2. Halloween stuff in BOX and then attic
3. Inventory guest kitchen freezer and type up results
4. Inventory garage freezer and type up results
5. Publix list, very detailed, no more than $20.00 (veggies, salad stuff, breads, milk)
6. Hubby birthday card
7. Thanksgiving ideas (here or at John and Kathys?) use all three turkey breast or buy whole turkey (NO!)
8. Look into new phones for Kids birthdays (plan wise, how much for phones?)
9. eye exam for me (ummm, things are a little more blurry than usual, eye fatigue? Perhaps but I sort of doubt it)
10. Sonny boy contacts? Check on Princess status (she has astigmatism and the contacts take 3 times longer to deliver!)
11. Mammogram appt
12. Papsmear appt
13. Set girls night for next week. (I've been selected to host a Pillsbury Crescent Get Together!)
14. Closet floor. Come on. Just box it up for the garage sale. It doesn't fit. That's why it's on the floor in the corner!!
15. Work in the garden. Of course, this would have to be BEFORE I go to work or wait til the weekend, or IF I'm lucky to get off early one day since we switched to daylight savings time.
16. IF I have time, give Florida Room 100% cleaning. For some reason, maybe because it's been declared the Man Cave (or the Animal Room) it's a dusty, gritty mess everytime I walk in there. This is my top choice room to work out in and everytime I go in there to do so, I just get crabby
So yes, a few things carried over but not so bad. I've also tried to keep my list small this week as I have a lot of stuff at work to do and need to dedicate more of my attitude to family stuff. You know, being a good mom and wife :)


  1. Thanks so much for linking up!

    I hear you on the things dragging over from last week, but the point is to have a vision for what you need to get done, and then try and get it done. If it doesn't happen, it will eventually, but you are much better off having a plan of action! Great list! And good for you for ironing early!

  2. Your list entry about the closet floor made me laugh. Sounds like you'll have a busy week, but don't we all?! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Aimee I know its ok to drag things over but not for 3 weeks straight ... that's just plain procrastinating at that point :) Thanks for swinging by (and how was all that vacumming? :)

  4. Joan if you saw the humor in that little blip about the floor, then YOU must have the same deal going on :) It was a little pile, you know, one or 2 skirts, a pair of pants, etc., and then it became a HUGE pile. Thanks for swinging by!


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