It's Monday

Which means, time to Make It Happen Monday. It's also the first day of the new month and NOVEMBER!

So are you getting Your Home On? If so, make sure you hop on over and post your to do list!

1. Set up leftovers from party for lunches and snacks (sliders, oriental salad, pasta salad, etc.)
2. Pay bills.
3. Balance checkbook.
4. Set up food/gas/misc. budget. Prep for the No Spend month....
5. Make menu for week.
6. Pull recipes for menu plan.
7. Post menu plan over at Menu Plan Monday.
8. Clean out the pantry and organize (yet again rolled over).
9. Clean and organize the freezers (all 3 again rolled over!).
10. Start up the exercise routine.
11. VOTE on Tuesday morning (leave house no later than 7:30am).
12. Investigate the mammogram stuff.
13. Get referrals from others for gynecologist.
14. Move money to savings.
15. Send back Netflix movies.
16. Request book from library.
17. Set date for girls get together.
18. Laundry (make that hamper empty for at least an HOUR!)
19. Iron
20. Put away all clean clothes
21. Get all 3 bathroom toilets cleaned, along with countertops, mirrors and floors.
22. Wash bathroom rugs.
23. Look in to hubby's birthday present (which really, will be a present for all of us but mostly for him!)
24. Get Hubbys' bday card NOW instead of the week of Thanksgiving (its the 21st, bday).

Yeah, its a big list but it's not a big deal :) A few items carried over which isn't surprising!  I've got to get better about getting my list prioritized.

I am aiming to start a No Spend November, which really, I should probably call it Severely Restricted Spending which would be more descriptive and true. Ahhh...I will be posting that soon ...


  1. I love it! severely restricted spending, you're so funny! Awesome list. Do let us all know how the pantry reorganization and cleaning go! Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. The cleaning is not such an issue but the pantry organizing is ... seems that there is SO much in there which I figured, if I do a Severely Restricted Spending, I would eventually clear out the pantry somewhat, right! And the freezer? Thanks for swinging by again!


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