I am off to Aldi's today

Hubby is going to Mens Warehouse to look at some new suits ... ummm, really? Yeah. They have a deal right now where you buy one get the 2nd one for $100.00.  Expensive, still, but he's a big guy and I just don't see him being able to find anything second hand. Being a director status, you have to have decent stuff...being a guy must really stink at times!

On the other hand, I have 6 suits that no longer fit him and he's quite certain there is not enough fabric to have them altered so they do fit. Trying to decide if I want to list them on Craigs List and for how much? (mental note, need to also do the tires and wheels from truck soon, along with the huge mirrors, and a few other things...)

So, anyways. Back to the subject line.

Aldi's. They opened up on Thursday and I really really wanted to go after work ... that was, before it got so freakin late in the day before I got out ... and I don't want to be going west (young man) at 4:30, 5pm at night. Traffic is brutal! So I'm hoping to go today. This morning, ideally.

I have a list.

Very specific (hmmm....have you read that line anywhere else on this blog??).

With a little room for browsing.

I have my quarter for the shopping cart (wonder how much extra change I could make in the parking lot?)

I have my reusable shopping bags in the back of truck.

I have CASH (no credit cards!!)

I'm all set to go, except that I have a MAJOR headache this morning.

No, it's not from last nights beer and pizza. I had TWO beers. Well, actually, one and a half, the 2nd one sat on table while hubby did the rope lights. And 3 pieces of pizza. Wow. What a chowhound!

Time to take two Tylenol and a shower, slug another cup of coffee down, and get ready to go! I'll be back later to give an update on Aldi's South Florida style!


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