Guess what is coming to South Florida?

Aldi's ... ALDI'S!Everyone sing praises!

The one straight down the road from me, corner of Oakland Park and 441 is opening on Thursday the 11th. Psyched Baby! Boy am I ever. About 7 miles. Google Map says 15 minutes but I know it takes 15 minutes (about) to get to I95 from here and that's only the half way point. So figure 20 to 25 minutes.

More than anything, I can't wait to see the prices ... whenever we go to Indiana, Illinois or Kentucky, we try to take a bag with nothing or little in it with us to fill on our way back. The last time in Kentucky we were over the 50 pound limit so I ended up stuffing summer sausage rolls in my purse. Pretty funny going through the security checkpoint.

Anyways. There is a Walmart across the MAIN intersection (when I say MAIN, I mean MAIN, like 5 or 6 lanes in all 4 directions) and the last time I shopped at the store there, I wasn't all that impressed with product selection, quality or pricing.

AND now, I can buy the produce and such from there! For obvious reasons, I couldn't before!

So hopefully this will stick within the SRS month I have imposed (holy cow, I'm going on day 3 and already talking about shopping!) ... but seriously, how can I NOT get excited!!

Thursday. November 11th. Veterans Day. The kids are out of school. Banks are closed (I think?). Courts will either be closed or on limited schedules. I wonder IF I can get that day off? Maybe a half day?? :)

Now I feel the urge to skip working out this morning and go browse other blogs for seasoned Aldi tips!


  1. Nice!! I've always wondered about Aldi's when I saw it on some other sites and now I can go see for myself. Thanks for letting me know cuz I probably never would have found out myself!! And I dont live too far (off Broward & 95) :)

  2. I know...I'm all giddy about it ... they are opening tomorrow (the 11th) ... I just can't quite decipher which corner it's on, NW or SE? :) It should be easy for you to just shoot up 95 (I'd probably say take 441 instead?) ...


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