Freezer status

I've been trying very very hard to eat from the freezers to clean them out some ... this past week, this is what I've removed:

package of pepperoni
package of hoagie rolls
3 packages of cheese
2 boxes of Berber chicken (Kiev)
bag of pork chops
hot dog buns
hot dogs
*edited to add (since I forgot!):
3 packages of hamburger
2 1/2 packages of slider buns
1 frozen pizza (I believe this is the LAST one?)

Not so bad. And THIS week will herald the removal of THREE turkey breast AND a few bags of mashed taters. Can I tell you how much I'm looking forward to THAT?? :) Evil, I know. And yes, there will be some bags of turkey to put back in the freezer, but at least it won't be big hunks of frozen solid stuff :)

Oh, we DID add in 2 containers of ice cream, but those will be gone fairly quickly ...


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