Cocktails, beverages and friends

Ok, I admit it, I WE partake in cocktails, beverages and such. I know some of you who visit the site do not, and hey, I'm perfectly fine with that.

However, for those of you who DO participate, read on ... all others who have no interest in my latest discovery, move on to the next post, I promise it will be interesting.

I generally drink beer. Which is NOT a ladylike thing normally. I mean seriously, unless you are in some music video, there really isn't anything appealing about swigging from a can or bottle :)

My 2nd choice used to be vodka. Lemon Drops to be exact. You know, Absolut Citron, chilled, with a lemon sprinkled with sugar. Don't even think of putting the sugar and/or lemon in the shotglass!  Of course, as I got older, and drank one too many (and swallowed a shot the wrong way, ICK!) I no longer get all giddy at the thought of doing a lemon drop.

My 3rd choice is tequila. Not straight up as in a shot, at all ... but a margarita. Must be a silver (clear) type of tequila, preferably NOT Jose Cuervo. Then my girlfriend introduced me to Patron, the yellow label (if I had a bottle in front of me I could tell you WHICH one it is) ... but it runs about $60 or so a bottle. Smooth, no mix needed or required. It's highly recommended by me for the taste and even the cost (heck, it's not like you will drink the whole bottle in one night, at least I HOPE not!)

So back to choice number 2. Vodka.  I've tried them all, Grey Goose, Belvedere, Smirnoff, Gordons, etc. Even some funky off the wall ones that came in a cool looking bottle (hey, we shop with our eyes, admit it!). But then my girlfriend across the street introduced me to TITOS.


Crystal Clear liquid.

The smell. The smell. Does NOT smell like vodka.

The bottle is just plain clear with a fairly nondescript label.

The price is middle of the road, I think Hubby paid about $30 for a mid size bottle (he thinks it's less than Absolut).

The taste. The taste along is enough to do me in. See, it's distilled SIX times. And it's made with Corn. From the MIDWEST (hey, I'm a natural born Hoosier girl!)

100% gluten free, no wheat (and I'm pretty sure no preservative stuff)

Made in Texas. Hey, can't get much better than that!

Anyways, I am NOT affilated in any way with Tito's but I would strongly recommend you look in to a small bottle to sample if Vodka is your thing. Seriously. It's smooth. No funky, bitter taste or smell. And just good. Oh, yeah, it IS alcohol, 80 proof ... please DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.


  1. *adds titos to shopping list*

  2. I partake on occasion too, but we like Coronas with lime, especially in the summer time. I also love a good glass of red.

  3. Brie, let me know what you think of it? ... Hubby mixed his with Arizona Tea (half and half style, you know, half tea, half lemonade, LITE) and said it was pretty good.

    Kristia ... yes, I love my coronas too with the lime ... really like the corona lite, but once it gets a little warm ... ICK :(


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