Being a Foodie and discovering new sites

As you already know, I use I Heart Publix to set up my Publix shopping trip. Michelle does an excellent job of listing all the corresponding coupons to the current sale with Publix. And it's all free (and I think easier to deal with than that other site, The Grocery Game).  If you have a Publix and you haven't checked out the site, you MUST. Every Monday afternoon she has a sneak preview of the sale ad AND matching coupons ... it's pretty cool that you can set up your list a few days in advance (as opposed to 4 days into the sale period!)

Ok. Anyways, now that I've sold you on Michelle's site ... she also has a few guest bloggers come along and post recipes, etc. One of the newer features is Big Taste Small Budget which of course, is RIGHT up my alley! Our Family Eats ... I can't decide which recipe to do first, the Shrimp Po Boys (seriously thinking of taking this with me up North to feed the extended family for day after Christmas) or the Rocky Road Brownies (to try out on the Animals before their big birthday weekend events). Or if I should wait til Friday and do both (and scratch the Hot Browns as much as Hubby might holler!)

Susan's mom was a Home Ec teacher ... how cool would that be? I imagine maybe as a kid (when I was a kid) it might not have been as cool, but now, as an adult AND a mom (yeah, the kids STILL need me) I think it would be AWESOME. Seriously. I have NOT met a kid yet (teens at that!) who don't have some kind of interest in the kitchen and cooking (and eating) ... I wonder if it's because families don't cook like they used to?

Anyways ... because of her site, that's how I found the other site, Pennies on a Platter. Susan is great about giving credit where credit is due ... something I make every attempt to do but fail at times ...


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