Being a Foodie and discovering new sites!

I found a new site yesterday that I just fell in love with ... and unfortunately, I was at work and got a wee bit side tracked...

Pennies on a Platter

Totally dedicated to Food. Yahoo!

Excellent recipes.

A few are trying to be a little more healthful.

I think the thing that did me in was the homemade tater tots.


I could definitely earn Mom of the Year with that recipe. Not that I NEED to earn Mom of the Year (cuz we all know that I AM Mom of the Year!) ... but the question now comes up ... do I wait til January 1st to make these to drag out the award? Or should I finish off the year with this on New Years Eve? Whichever I decide, I must remember to do the Napoleon Dynamite line!

Anyways ... back to the real purpose of this post!

I have no idea WHO runs this site. I did gather a baby under one year and a hubby were in the picture (oh how sweet!) ... but really, it doesn't matter as I'm about to glean as much as I can from that site ... I'm telling you ... the recipes that I've looked at so far have been outstanding!!!

Go on over and check it out ... I've to dedicate some time to it very soon!


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