Aldis trip 11/24

I drove to Aldis on Wednesday after work since I got out at 1pm ... and there were a few things I needed to get, primarily for the Three Corn Casserole I wanted to try ... plus a few things on my list.

I did deviate from the list (bad bad bad) but I'm SO glad I did ... because I got some GREAT deals ...

10 lb potatoes were 99 cents!!! For the whole bag. Dang. I wish I had grabbed another bag. I've still got alot of the 20lb jumbo size taters from Costco (that cost me $8) but these are excellent size, normal :) And not green.

I also peeked at the meat prices again. I wasn't overly impressed the last time I was there when I checked it out but this time, they had the boneless skinless chicken breast for a not so spectacular price (same as before) BUT there were little stickers on them that said $2 off ... so I grabbed 8 pkgs that were priced around $5 each (about 2 lbs or so each package) and figured I got them for about $1.50 per lb. Woohoo.

Also, they had 12 ounce bags of LARGE shrimp, cooked, with tail on, for $3.99 bag. Normally I can get raw, unpeeled shrimp for this price per lb but not lately (not since the oil spill anyways) ... so I picked up 3 bags to throw in the freezer for quick appetizers, or maybe a Po' Boy in the near future :).

Dozen large eggs were 69cents each. Picked up 4.

And a 16' inch deli style cheese pizza for $5.99. Grabbed that as I knew there would be a 'few' animals in the house that night (FYI - 16 inches is LARGE, this is considered Xtra large at the local pizza joint) ... fed 6 teens no problem.

Yeah, I did buy more ... want to see what else? Keep reading:

2 gallons milk $1.99 each
bananas (33 cents/lb) $1.38
2 paper bags, 6 cents each
8 pkgs of chicken, $ average each, most I paid was $3.23
whole pineapple, $1
2 qt batter bowl with lid (large measuring cup) $6.99
pizza $5.99
shredded asiago cheese tub $1.99
ready to serve bacon (to try out) $2.19
toothpaste $2.29
4 dozen eggs, 69cents each
3 ply tissue $1.19
2 whole kernel corn  39 each
10 lb taters 99cents
flour tortillas (to try ) 99 cents
2 bags frozen broccoli 99 cents each
3 jumbo cooked shrimp $3.99 each (ok, i would say I bought LARGE?)
2 bags french fried onions $1.99 each
fresh mushrooms $1.39
Green peppers (2) $1.19
2 String cheese $2.89 Ok, not sure WHY I bought these, was hungry I suppose? This is NOT a good deal
fresh cranberries 99 cents
tomatoes (3) $1.89
2 marshmallow fluffs 89 cents each
2 limes 19 cents each
2 peanut butter wafers (our downfall) 99 cents each
sliced pepperoni $1.99
75 feet of aluminum foil (needed) $1.99
white corn tortilla chips (to try) 99 cents
split top rolls $1.89
2 corn muffin  mix 35 cents each
peanut trio mix $3.99 (to take to friends)
Cheese Crumbles (totally clueless as to what this is?) $1.99
2 plain bagels $1.39 each
2 gravy mix packets 35 cents each
3 taco season packets 35 cents each
plain potato chips (to try with the homemade tatertots!) $1.29
chicken ramen soup cup $1.79 (6 cups)
chicken ramen soup mix $1.79 (12 bags)
butter bread $1.19

So my total? Not ending the SRS challenge well at all ... $115.69.


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