101 ...

Quick, when you think of 101 ... what do you think of??

Dalmatians. That would have been ole France. He was the worlds BEST dog ... anyways...that's not what the post is about :)

101 Airborne.

Yeah. That's what it's about.

Well, sort of.

See, when we were doing the Wii, Princess was sitting there patiently (not so) waiting as she wanted to play tennis ... I was putting all my Wii Active stuff away NEATLY in the cabinet ... and I was playing with the stupid rubber red thingy.

I had it around the bottom of my feet and was doing curls and said, "Oh, this sucks. It's so wimpy!" And she said "Uh huh. Do it 101 times and tell me what you think then."

That's when she told me about the drill Sergeant that came in midway through boot camp for her ... he was from the 101 Airborne division and EVERYTHING they do was 101 reps.

Sure enough, 101 reps of ANYTHING is tedious! That wimpy red strappy thing? It could have been 50 lb dumbbells by the 50th. 100 lbs by the 101st. YIKES!

So go ahead, next time you work out. Pick a lighter weight. Like ridiculously light and go for 101!


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