Waking up to a Massacre

This is what happens when I leave the door open just a little for the Kitty Kitty to make his way back in when he's done doing his morning romp.

A bird.


A lizard.

Both, D.E.A.D.

Feathers EVERYWHERE. Oh the poor thing. It was intact (don't get all gruesome on me now!) ... and I wasn't sure if it was alive or not so had to run into Sonny Boy's room and dump out the clean clothes in my one and only laundry basket (what's up with that? ONE laundry basket??) to put over the thing.

The lizard, I don't care too much about (please don't lizard bash me, no hate mail) ... he brings them back to our house from all over the neighborhood. There's no way that he finds that many in OUR yard. Seriously.

So the birdy, well, he WAS dead. All that panic for the basket to put over the thing so it doesn't jump on his little legs and flap his little wings for nothing! So I scoot the birdy out the door with the cat doing vicious circles around me (what ARE you doing with MY bird that I caught??) shooing him away the whole time while he makes little noises at me (the Kitty) ... leave the basket over him (to keep KITTY away) and get the shovel to scoop him up to make fish food ... of course, there is like a whole FLOCK of his buddies/family members in the yard, all gossiping about what the status was ... UNTIL they see the shovel ...

So needless to say, all before 8:45am on a Saturday morning, the dining room and kitchen were scrubbed down and bleached. All sparkly clean, but not because I wanted to or felt motivated ... I'm wondering if Hubby didn't have a little chat with Kitty about housecleaning??


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