Scary - Pantry

Ok, ready or not, here it is ... the BOTTOM of my pantry:

I pretty much know what I have in here and basically WHAT shelf it's on ... but still, it's in such disarray lately it's not even funny. I mean, shoot, all salad dressing used to be located on the bottom left shelf. Looking, I see a bottle in the right hand corner ... WHO put that there??

See the canning jar on the 2nd shelf down (in the right side)? That's what my dear Hubby calls liquid gold. Toasted coconut.  Makes his day every time when he inquires as to whether or not we have any coconut open ... and then I point to the toasted stuff ... :) Bingo! Simple things in life keep my marriage happy ...

Not sure how the big container of flour got on the top shelf ... the container of sugar on the 2nd shelf is fine where its' at. 

There are about 10 bags of coffee on the 3rd shelf behind the can (I just refill the Chock Full O' Nuts can with my favorite Dunkin Donuts or 8 O'clock) ... not sure how many Crystal Lights I have left (they SHOULD be on the 3rd shelf but I see some on the bottom there.

Ohhhh....I Need to go and pull everything out now!


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