Publix - where shopping IS a pleasure

I love Publix. I know, I know, I've said it a few times before. Unlike Winn Dixie. Stopped at Winn Dixie on Tuesday to get the iceburg lettuce, B1G1F, they were still $1.79 ... been awhile since I've bought iceburg, but geesh, that seemed like a lot of $.

So I self checkout. The coupon printer spits out it's once a month coupon, $5 off $50. BUT the thing is extremely low on ink, so it's pink and only every other line is printing, vertically.  I get the manager, ask if there was anyways to reprint. Nope, but dont' worry, they will take care of you when you go to use it. DOH. I don't spent $50 EVER at Winn Dixie ... oh well.

So here are my Publix trips this week (2, yes, 2).

First: spent $11.18, SAVED $27.11. Not my best, but better than full price. Actually, the tissues put me over and they were a spontaneous purchase after a major sniffling attack in the store.

2 peanuts, b1g1f, $3.07, used 2 $1 off
6 Hunts tomatoes, b1g1f, $1.39, used 2 $1 off
2 HVR dressings, b1g1f, $3.79, used 2 $2 off
3 Healthy Choice Steamers, $2 each, used 1 $1 off (these get stashed for a quick, oops I forgot about lunch)

Trip number 2: spent $31.86, SAVED $95.28! Here's what I bought:

12 pk beer, $10.49, used $2.50 off
Oreo cakester & 100 cal munchpacks, b1g1f, $6.17, used 2 $1 off
4 HVR dressing, b1g1f, $3.79, used 3 $2 off (don't know where the 3rd went!)
6 Aunt J waffles, b1g1f, $2.39, used 3 $2 off (almost free waffles, kids love me again!)
12 Hunts tomatoes, b1g1f, $1.39, used 4 $1 off
2 Ronzoni quick cook pasta, b1g1f, $1.39, used 2 50 cent off
Loaf of French Bread, $1.99, no coupon, full price!
cantaloupe, $2, used 1 $1 off
2 publix pre pkgd sweet ham, b1g1f, $5.99, used 1 $1 off
Qt milk (costco trip needed!) $1.59 full price, no coupon
4 bagels, b1g1f, $3.99, no coupon
1.97 lb bananas, 69 cents lb
6 ball park hot dogs, b1g1f, $3.19, used 6 $1 off and 6 75 cent off (there was discussion on the use of 2 coupons publix & manuf and overage ... manager over rode as he knows me and I bought a lot of stuff)

They also went back and forth on the $5 winn dixie coupon. I was saying it was ok if not, that I would take it back and protest winn dixie, but he said to go ahead and take it. The cashier asked about 10 times if he promised she wouldn't "get in trouble" which is a little alarming to me....

Heavy on hot dogs now but that's ok ... these are good for grilling on the boat (once I convince Hubby that we don't need to use the DINNER FRANKS that cost $12 for 3 lbs from Costco, as yummy as they are!) and I'm also thinking to try and roll them in the whack a can dough like a sort of glorified corn dog type of thingy :)

I need to do a Costco trip for milk, cream, lettuce, potatoes and a few other things ... maybe this evening?


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