Penn Dutch trip

Penn Dutch is just one of them stores that you either love or you hate.

They have great prices on meat alot of times, and the produce too. However, I priced bacon yesterday and they wanted $8 for a package of Hormel. Holy cow!

This store also deals alot with immigrants (legal or not, I have no clue) and they have a HUGE cash business going on. I told Hubby that I've never been in a store where there is so much cash exchanged ... It's almost a little freaky as I look around for a would be robber :(

So, aside from the chicken feet and the cow brains (yes, really), I typically know E.X.A.C.T.L.Y. what I'm looking for, zoom in to the item, grab and leave. Not a place I like to hang around and browse, trust me!

10 lbs of b/s chicken breast $1.49/lb
10 lbs of italian sausage $1.89/lb
2.5 lbs of chicken wings $1.99/lb (?!)
1 lonely thing of celery for 89 cents
1 loaf french bread 98 cents

Total was $33.11 and I was in and out of there in 15 minutes. Half of which put me standing in the express lane.


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