Menu Plan Monday October 10th was Monday when I started this post but the day got away from me.  Apparently, Menu Planning is the way to go based on the 300+ links over at the Organizing Junkie Menu Plan Monday site!

So, based on the WHOLE month of October that I posted earlier, here's what I'm planning:

Sunday - chicken tenders with broccoli and mashed taters (all from the freezer)
Monday - Garlic Chicken Saute thingy from BirdsEye (freezer) (this wasn't so bad for a cheap prepared meal and not as bad as some of the other stuff ingredient wise)
Tuesday - tacos with all the fixins (taco meat from freezer)
Wednesday - sandwiches and pasta salad
Thursday - pork tenderloin (freezer), but may just slice and cook as chops with a corn casserole (IF I can find the recipe) all from freezer thankfully!
Friday - I think some friends are back in town so depending, maybe out otherwise chicken on the grill
Saturday - again, if we didn't do something with friends last night, tonight we will and do the opposite.

What I'm really wanting to make soon are the taters on the grill (these) but need to get to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy a NEW mandolin. Hubby watched me the last time using it and made me throw it straight into the garbage.  The blade was getting fairly dull, it was a cheap, cheesy one that we've had for oh, maybe 10 years that was picked up at the fleamarket ... not worth losing a finger or whatnot over :)

I am making some progress again on the freezers. There are little "gaps" and I bet I could put a tub of ice cream in the main freezer right now.  BUT now that Hurricane Paula is out there I once again feel the need to get back in the saddle and get it organzied. It's not that I'm procrastinating, it's just a HUGE task ...


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