It's Monday

Yes, again, Monday has arrived. And I'm joining in on the Make It Happen Monday craze ...

That means a few things, but even MORE since it's the LAST week of October: So here I am, I'm hooking up with Ammie over at Domestically Obsessed to Get My Home On and well, this list just GREW. I am a HUGE list person and sometimes fall into being very very detailed, and other times, simple (as in "Cook Dinner") ... hop on over and post YOUR list of things to do!

1.  Post menu plan over at Organizing Junkie.  (done, on Monday yet!!)
2.  Grocery shop (Publix, sales and coupons in purse)
3.  Take a sneak peak at upcoming sale over at I Heart Publix.
4.  Dig in at work as it is the last week of the month and looks like everything is rolling over into the first week of November (NO!) get the calendar set on Outlook. Update each file for closing (search, payoffs, etc.). Coordinate times and docs with lender.
5.  Have Sony Boy bring out the Halloween stuff and look for the Halloween costume for this years event. Just an FYI - we do not enter the contest, just dress up and go down, drink and have fun. Uggg. I'm clueless this year, I must be getting old!
6. Come up with list of appetizers to make using WHAT I have on hand already. Did you see the pics of half the pantry and one freezer?? SO need to get those under control. How many people are meeting up here (confirm, currently 11, need to feed the masses). Set ground rules for Sonny Boy and Princess to share with friends on PROPER behavior ...
7.  Re-review the grocery list and coupons for this weeks grocery trip after looking at above mentioned pictures.
8.  Train Kitty Kitty to stay off laptop (finger is currently bleeding from his stealth attack behind the screen).
9. Budget and plan for November. Wish I could say No Spend Challenge. Perhaps I can?
10. Re-review inventory of pantry and freezers to set up possible No Spend Challenge? I COULD do this. Afterall, just picked up to turkey breast from Target at 89 cents each. I believe I have another one stashed in freezer still too. I have taters, fresh, real taters, frozen steam and mash taters and refrigerator taters. I have gravy and veggies. I have sweets to bake. I have frozen and canned corn. Hmmmm...this COULD be done.
11. Bills. Bills! Set up bills to be paid this month. Holey cow, I forgot to pay a few which panics me as its the last week of the Month!! (see #5!)
12. Clear closet floor. I'd post a picture but I am horrified that my walk in closet floor is THAT bad. You know how you start a small pile and then keep adding to it and next thing you know, it's taken on a life of it's own? Well, that's happened.
13. Start garage sale box. Wait. I need a box first otherwise I will have a NEW pile start somewhere else.
14. Start new artisan bread bowl in fridge. This time I am making a FULL batch instead of just the half  that I never got around to baking!
15. Clear out the 100 messages on answering machine (no joke, all political ads, surveys, etc.)
16. Get garden stuff at Lowes/home depot (potting soil, fertilizer, compost, 3 tom. plants, 1 green pepper for Joan).
17. Make Olive Garden dressing..
18. GET ANNIVERSARY CARD!! (this should be #1)
19. Iron.
20. Guest room tidy up. Get on Princess to clean and declutter that bathroom!
21. Get digital photos organized and ready to upload to frames for gifts.
22. Peek at the animals current grades, act accordingly.
23. Pull out expiring coupons from binder (Wednesday while watching Survivor).
24. Clean all 3 fridge shelves and doors.
25. Ha ... inventory freezers.
26. Pantry organize.
27. Look into mammogram
28. Look into pap smear (in other words, find a gyno and make an appt)

Ahhh...not so bad. And this also gave me a few ideas of what I can be doing soon (No Spend ... No Spend) ... Number 25 and 26? They are forever hanging around on my to do list!

Also ... the last 2 items. Well. They need to be done. I always KNOW that but never put them on the list and therefore, they've been on my mind for quite some time.  I won't even mention when the last time was I had a pap smear but it was before we hit the 2's in front of the year.  So it's been a while. Everything "seems" to be fine and in working order, but I am 46 AND I would think certain things would be letting up a little bit but that doesn't seem to be the case. As for the mammogram. I made a promise to a girlfriend of mine who I just found out has been going through more than she's let on...and well, it needs to be done. I will make a separate post about these two items some day soon but it's definitely going to take some time to do.


  1. I love that you are part of the craze! Thanks so much for taking part in my link up! AWesome list!

  2. Thanks Ammie ... it's a long and sometimes rambling list but hopefully it will help me along! Thanks for coming over!


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