Guess what I did the other night?

You will never ever guess ...

Come on, give it a try ... guess ...



Ah, good one, but nope.

Close, but not quite.

Ok, ok, here's what I did ...



Kicked some butt. Did the WHOLE 58 minutes, even the "break" where they jog, jump rope, jumping jacks and then that stupid jump and try to suspend in air jumping jacks ... ACK ... but I CAN do it!!

And my arms are so sore today ....

But it reminds me that I really need to get back on track and do SOMETHING.

NOTE: I really wanted to link to something for those of you who do not know what P90X Kenpo is ... its one of the DVD's that I really like becausee it reminds me of boxing and kickboxing I used to do ions ago but everything that I saw was advertising or had advertising links attached ... IF I wanted to ADVERTISE it and have you buy it, then darn it, I'd use my amazon account!  So if you want to know why I'm so glad I did it, google Kenpo P90X and try to find the personal fitness blogs :) It's fun!


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