Frugal Wear

It's Friday ... which makes me a very happy camper.

It's also the day I normally dress down a little for the office. Not that I dress UP all that much but today is the day I normally wear jeans.

Jeans - $9 from Old Navy over a year ago
Black blazer - $1 from Out of the Closet Thrift (paid more to have it drycleaned!)
Teal blue heavy tshirt - Free from Chatty (thanks sweets!!)
Shape Up Sketchers - ummm, ohhh... $100 (mother's day gift to myself in May)

So I would have been doing GREAT had it not been for the shoes.

But I love the shoes, for wearing to work, shopping and such. Not so much for walks over a mile long though. Make my legs very very tired and achy half way through.


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