A few trips to Publix, great savings

Wednesday evening (as sale was ending and my free chicken was expiring)
Spent $8.70 and saved $36.87 (this is pretty sweet!)
Rotisserie chicken $7.39
shredded cheese x 6 ($2 each)
4 8oz sour creams (b1g1f $1.19 each)
carnation breakfast pack $4.99
4 EAS protein bars $1.25 each
Squishy white bread $1.33
Had 2 $3 off on the EAS bars (uh huh, free plus $1 over)
Free chicken
2 $5 off 5 kraft so that made the sour cream free and pennies for the shredded cheese
$1 off carnation

Then this morning, swung by as one of my coupons expires today:
spent $6.89, saved $23.11
6 cans hunts tomatoes (b1g1f) $1.39 each
4 butterfinger bars (spontaneous purchase) 89 cents each
2 Birds Eye viola meals (b1g1f) $5.15
2 HVR dressings (b1g1f) $3.79
Used 2 $1 off hunts
2 $1 off butterfinger
2 $1 off (peelies) birds eye (was actually looking for healthy choice but no blinkies left!)
2 $2 off HRV dressing (making for free with a few pennies overage)

Not so bad ... need to find more family magazine for the EAS bars coupon (Sonny Boy takes those for his lunch/snack at school) ... being free makes all the difference in the world to me ... I also need to go back and get a few more cans of tomatoes as they will be about 36 cents each can and I am OUT.

The candy bars? They were on a display with a coupon for $1 off 2 so I figured what the heck ... :)


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