Costco Trip

It's been a few weeks since I've been to Costco and well, just needed to do it.

Hubby and I both were a little on the low side of energy today, 2am for us is waaaay too late to be up ... but the company was fun and the costumes made it all worth while.

Usually I ask Hubby if he'd like to go with me to Costco, and normally (most of the time!) he says NO. Just doesn't like the crowds, etc.  Imagine my surprise when he said yes today! Woohoo!!

Well, he was NO help in the store ... once we walked in he got side tracked by the electronics, so I told him to go ahead and browse and I would head to the back of the store and work my way up and he could come find me when he was done.

Yeah. I was done with my list by the time he showed up .... but that's ok and only a few more spontaneous items were tossed in the basket because of him...

170 ct paper plates (holidays and parties and company coming so need to stock up) $12.89
20 lbs of baking potatoes $9.99
3 dozen xl eggs $3.45
36 count water bottles $3.45
4 gallons of SKIM milk $2.29 each (hubby decided that he liked Kirkland's brand of skim)
3 pk contact multi purpose contact cleaner $8.69
Krill oil (vitamin) $18.99 less $5.00 (GREAT deal for 90 count)
6 lb vanilla whey protein powder (spontaneous, hubby does NOT like chocolate) $29.99
dove hair conditioner $6.23 less $2.00
dove hair shampoo $6.23 less $2.00
2 half and half $1.55 each (man, the price is really fluctuating lately on this!)
6 pk romaine lettuce $3.99 (at last, it been icky lately)
pork tenderloin $15.22 ($2.19/lb)
5 lbs tomatoes $6.49
2 pk butter loaf bread $3.89
2 lb sliced cheddar cheese $6.79 less $1.75 coupon
boneless skinless chicken thighs $15.56 ($1.99/lb)
3 lb guacamole (wholly guacamole) $7.99 less $2.00

All in all, $161.39 on my debit card.

Not so bad as I get ready to head in to my No Spend month for November.


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