Costco Trip

I had a very specific list and my coupons.

But Sonny Boy came along for the ride. Never a good thing, even though most of the time he keeps me in check.

As he was heading to Orlando for the weekend and IS a picky eater, he knows that he suffers from low blood sugar because he will not eat if he doesn't like what's there, so we were trying to find some simple, nutritional, filling snacks to pack along (besides protein bars) ... ended up spending $100 more than I anticipated...

3 pk digiorno pizza $13.29 less $3.50 coupon
36 count welch fruity things $9.99
18 pk paper towel $16.79 less $2.00 coupon
3 pk qtips $8.49 (what was I thinking? This was NOT a deal)
2 pantene conditioners $7.88 x 2
esterc 300 count $14.79 less $3.00
2 lb mini peppers $4.29 (price went up again)
box of entermens bite (brownies, blueberry and chocolate chip muffins) $9.39
3 pk aveno body wash $10.99 less $3 coupon
12 pk stride gum $8.79
3 half and half $1.75 each (price went up)
3 gallons 2% milk $2.39 each
Large bottle of Eucerin lotion $12.99 less $4.00 coupon
12 pk variety muffins (apple crumb) $6.59
3 dozen xlarge eggs $2.89
large cooked bacon $12.99 (I swear it said $11.xx on the shelf)
2 lb continental salad mix (romaine looked like crap) $4.49
2 pk headphone (with nylon cords, sonny boy assured me these were the best to use) $28.99
2 bags of veggie straws $4.99 each (if you have not had these, try them!!)
5 lbs large tomatoes $6.49 (price up)
4 pk lightbulbs (the swirly ones) $4.99
16 pk bagel thins $4.19
2 lb sliced tilamook cheddar cheese $6.69

So, I still need bread ... squishy white bread. But maybe I can get away from getting any ... this all cost me $222.44 holy crap. No grocery shopping in my near future unless it's a steal/deal type of thing!


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