Costco - here we go again!

I really should know better than to venture out to Costco on a Sunday, late morning. Like 11:30am or so. What was I thinking??

Oh yeah, I was planning on leaving MUCH earlier, until Princess drama kicked in and just put everything on hold for a few hours.

So, off I went. Driving Hubby's pride and joy, which means I have to park WAY out in left field to reduce the chance of door dings (and cart crashes) ... and do NOT park under any trees as black cars and bird poo do not compliment each other.

Here's what I got for $72.80 (on the AE card as I realized when I pulled out my card that I didn't bring the $100 bill from home).

1 half & half $1.45 (still have one from last trip)
1 bag of garlic $3.69
4 pk toothpaste $12.99 less $4 (I really need to look at this, 8 oz tube which is hard to find in the store but I KNOW I can get it cheaper on sale, I'm quite certain of it now that I think about it)
3 pk english cucumbers $3.29
honey roasted turkey lunchmeat $7.20
2 2% gallon milk $2.39 each
1 gallon skim milk $2.29
1 bag of dunkin donuts coffee $17.99 (and after I post this I'm going to see what I've paid in the past, much less than $18 I know! Crap!)
bag of minnola oranges $5.49 which then they took off as there was a furry one in there and that was the best bag I had, so no fruit!
2.5 lb container of cashews $12.49 (impulse buy)
Super duper (56oz) bag of M&M's (impulse buy) $9.29

Total $72.80 ... I didn't get paper towel (forgot) and lettuce (looked icky and I still have some). All in all, $20 was spontaneous purchases because it was so freaky busy there. 20 minutes to shop and 20 minutes to check out.


  1. I've learned never to browse the snack aisles of Costco...just too much temptation! Sounds like you did pretty good with only 40 minutes total, one could easily spend hours in the place! :)

  2. Yes, I agree. But I generally try to get SOMETHING for the teens so they can't whine ... NO they are not spoiled or anything like that :)


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