Swagbucks and Amazon

I am sure everyone out there knows about swagbucks by now. And hopefully, you've all joined up and are using it as your search engine.

Because of Swagbucks, I've currently got $40 in my little amazon account, waiting for the right thing to come my way ... most likely something along the lines of an Earth Box. :) Yeah. I want to try an earth box, and heck, if I can get it for "free" just from my searches, I'm all over it!!! 

I'm actually getting ready to redeem a few more points here which will put me at $65 in the account.  Sweet!

FYI - I didn't realize it at the time, but when someone refers you to swagbucks, they get points when you do....wow. I am NOT trying to get anyone to sign up, really ... but I wish now I had known that as I can't even remember WHO it was that I clicked through to sign up. That's kind of sad in a way as there are some people out there in the blogsphere that I'd help sooner than others!!

Anyhow, I've had no spam, no junky stuff, no funky anything.  I use it for just about everything ... even from going to my own site. It may seem like it takes forever to get points accrued (maybe I just think that way since they changed the point structure recently) but they DO add up.

Go ahead, go on over to swagbucks.com and sign up and get rockin!!


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