Starting a BIG task

So I got home from work last night and thought, heck, let me at least try to get ONE freezer organized.

Ummm....not quite as easy as it looked.

I got ONE shelf done.

The top shelf. Here's what was crammed on the ONE shelf:
Top Sirloin Steak, 3 packages
Large ziploc of pre-patted burgers (70/30), 2 (probably about 15 per bag)
waffles, 2 packages
cheddar cheese (self bagged) 2
flat out wrap (these are on the counter to use today)
small ziploc of breaded shrooms and breaded mozz sticks
sliced fresh mozz. cheese
large chicken breast (one lonely breast)
perfect portion chicken breast (2 lb bag)
spicy chicken pattys
medium ziploc with breaded (raw) chicken tenders
medium shrimp platter
2 lb bag of raw shrimp
clam strips, 5 total (there's plenty MORE in the freezer, I tossed these little packages in a large Ziploc to contain)
broccoli x2
mashed red taters

Um, I think this shows just how unorganized the freezers really are.

And wow, that was discouraging. I also tossed a few stray Popsicles. Brutal, I know, but it's gotta be done.  The shrimp platter made me VERY excited as I can use that next weekend for the girls night out at the hotel for appetizer! Woohoo!!

I do hope to get more time over the weekend to finish at least one freezer. We are boating on Saturday so that's probably out of the question, unless I start it NOW (no, uh uh, don't make me!) ...


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