Saturday fun

See the Twins in the upper right hand picture?  We played with them on Saturday.

Went to Boca Lake and Sonny Boy went for the ride.

What a blast. Beautiful weather, surprisingly.

Ocean was FLAT, surprisingly.

Water was DEEP yet crystal clear. And still warm!

And the people watching was amusing.  Sonny Boy was highly disappointed that one boat played the Universal Fist Pump song (I have NO idea what the song is) and didn't do the fist pump. At that point, he asked if he could switch the Ipod to his, we said sure, and promptly listened to some mighty fine head banging hard core rock. :)

Hubby and I tolerated it for what we felt was a fair amount of time (45 minutes or so) before switching back to our funk and groove music :)

Again, food was brought from the pantry and fridge/freezer. Sandwiches (wraps), fruit, granola bars, sodas, water, beer (well, hubby bought the beer when he picked up the ice ... ICE is another one of those things that irks me but that's for another post, another day!).

Great day to be had by all, good bonding time with the boy (Princess was working) ...


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