Menu Plan Monday

I pu this together on Thursday of last week, after my one hour massage and the pedicure and manicure that I finally went and had done. Thank God for gift certificates!

Normally, I have no problem with planning the next week menu way ahead of time. But I didn't know what Hubby's schedule was, if he's traveling (he's not), etc. I just know it looks like I have a busy week so I figured I'd get it out of the way.

For the time being, no days were assigned to the food, just winging it on that end at this moment!

Bread, using this tried and true recipe along with some Minestrone Soup. If the bread turns out anywhere near as good as it sounds and is really all that easy, then I will buy the book! Planning on Wednesday

Fried chicken thighs (not really fried, baked in the oven til crispy) served with some mashed garlicy potatoes and gravy (made a nice big opening in the garage freezer by doing this!) *did this and boy was it yummy!* Tuesday

Chili Cheese Dogs - doesn't look like it happened previously!

Spicy chicken patties with mashed taters and gravy. Would love to call it Chicken Fried Steak with taters and gravy, but I'm using REAL chicken! This will remove a few things from my freezer, yes! *Ended up just being spicy chicken sandwiches with shredded lettuce, tomato and cheese on leftover toasted burger buns* Monday

Sandwiches, thinking of something along the lines of Hot Browns with leftover bread and gravy ... check it out ... its really just kind of like a glorified open face turkey sandwich :) But oh so darn good. Of course, nowhere near the real thing the way I'm planning it!

I believe may a night out ... friends are in town and I have a few gc's to use up still. Ohhh...maybe Chimas!

Pizza or pasta. Depends on how motivational I am ... we shall see :) *Pizza ... done, from the freezer* Sunday

So how about it? What are you serving your group this week? Take a sneak at a bunch of kitchens and menus, go over to the Organizing Junkie site to get a gazillion ideas!


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