Menu Plan Monday

Or, should I say, Menu Plan Wednesday? 

I had my menu all set to go Sunday morning, but just running a wee bit behind this week in posting!

Nothing exciting, still trying to clear out the freezers and with the hurricane season hitting peak time in Florida (October), I need to get a little more focused and get them organized too.

Sunday - Pizza from take out (don't ask, was a little under from the previous 24 hour excursion)
Monday - penne with a makeshift alfredo sauce (NOT a jar)
Tuesday - grilled cheese (used Tillamook cheddar) with tomato soup
Wednesday - looking forward to a baked tater bar for Survivor night
Thursay - Chicken grilled with rice (chix from freezer)
Friday - Friends are in town, hubby back from PA and I'm leaning towards chili cheese dogs! (hot dogs from freezer)
Saturday - Steaks and veggies on grill (steaks from freezer)

Not a single recipe to share as everything is pretty standard fare.  Luckily, this should remove a few more items from the freezer but not as much as it should ...  I'm a little concerned that I'm running low on chicken breast but sure there's more buried in one of them!

Looking for more ideas for what to serve up? Head on over to the organizing junkie to get a bunch of ideas!


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