Menu Plan Monday

It's another Monday and of course, that means Menu Plan!! Hop on over to the Organizing Junkie to see 100's of other menus for the week. Seriously, when I'm in a rut, I just randomly click through to find an idea that just jumps out at me. It's amazing at the wide variety of menus!!  NOTE to self: link the teriyaki chicken recipe!!

So, a few things going on this week. Trying to empty out the freezer some. Hubby traveling 2 days. Open House (last year!) at the High School. Starting the 30 Day Shred, yet again. Spending Saturday evening with girlfriend for her 51st Birthday ... and life goes on!

Sunday – Tacos (taco salad for me) … this has been bumped so many times it wasn’t funny … I ended up cooking 4 lbs of beef to do this, rest will go in freezer in meal size portions (wait, I’m suppose to be removing things from the freezer??)

Monday – breaded chicken cutlets (great deal from Costco a few weeks back) from the oven with macaroni and cheese and broccoli (broccoli & chicken from freezer)

Tuesday – Hubby out, Princess at class AND I have open house at the HS (last year to do this!!) so me & sonny boy will eat the last lonely pizza from freezer. Most likely, he will eat the pizza and I’ll have leftover taco salad. (umm, freezer and leftovers from fridge)

Wednesday – Hubby out still, not sure about Princess but either way, will be having SANDWICHES since Survivor starts tonight (sorry, that’s the ONLY show that I stay in to watch 90% of the time!) (pantry and fridge)

Thursday – Hubby comes back tonight so I’m thinking something like garlicky chicken with pasta and broccoli (freezer, and pantry)

Friday – It’s Friday, I don’t care it’s Friday … Grillin baby … thinking of steaks, I have filet mignon, I have ribeyes, I have some other stuff beefy stuff too … need to look. That, and some baked taters or the grilled taters (freezer and pantry)

Saturday – Will be out with my girlfriend this evening, staying at the Hilton on the Beach ($$$), hopefully having cocktails on the patio overlooking the ocean, snacking on some homemade appetizers and NOT eating dinner out. We are going back and forth on that as the hotel alone is costing quite a few more pennies than I wanted to commit to ... I'm thinking of shrimp cocktails, cheese with crackers, a spread perhaps, and a small fruit platter. It's just girls so I don't think it needs to be anything heavy so to speak. The family will be on their own at home :)


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