Menu Plan Monday

Happy Tuesday! It really should be Monday but the 3 day weekend has me all messed up!  Stuck and in a rut (like me??) then hop over the organizing junkies site to look at 100's of other menus!

Sunday - BBQ and leftovers
Monday - BBQ (yet again) and leftovers
Tuesday - tacos to give us all a change!
Wednesday - soup/salad and sandwiches to get ME in the Survivor night groove (the one show I watch and hate to be stuck in kitchen watching!)
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - steaks
Saturday - chicken

Yeah. I know, no recipes. And honestly, that menu is subject to change real quick. I mean, come on, Steaks? Chicken? How vague can I be??

I want to try the rice cooker mac & cheese but not sure when I will do it. Could be with chicken. Or steaks :)


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