Labor Day Weekend

We prepared and consumed a lot of food this weekend being the 3 day weekend it was … Sonny boy had friends over on Saturday and I had 2 girlfriends and a few others show up too to keep me company … luckily my g/f brother showed up to entertain Hubby after a while … he was Master Chef til that point!

Then Sunday was to be a casual catch up day and I had all intentions of floating in the pool, which I did, but then my neighbor came over looking to see if we had any leftover potatoes salad (we had sent some home with her the night before to eat while she watched Inglorious Bastards) … and while we were hanging out under the temporary gazebo, another girlfriend came by which led to us each having a beer, digging out the leftovers and going in the pool.

Monday, we have a couple of friends over and will be doing wings and chicken thighs. Kind of a strange thing, I know, so to even it out, I have 6 burgers left to cook too … Hubby makes some pretty awesome wings in the oven so I had picked up a bag last week to do on the smaller crowd day … more to go around!

Surprisingly, the weather has held. Its rained in the evening and early morning which is ok. But Monday, was thundering still at 11am and people were due around noonish. Oh no! The Lawn Boys showed up at noon to do the grass. I was a little surprised to say the least. Told them that they had better hurry it up in the backyard AND don’t get any in the pool. Luckily a friend of ours was able to speak to them (I do NOT speak Spanish) and explained the situation at hand … Monday night the rain came down in buckets at about 8pm. It rained forever after that. Tuesday morning I see that my easy up canopy didn’t hold up to the rain. Need to wait for daylight to evaluate the damage and if it’s salvageable.

10 lbs hamburger
3 lbs dinner franks
10 bratwurst
Bag of tortilla chips
Bean dip
3 lbs potatoes salad
2 lbs pasta salad
48 plus beers
60 plus bottles of water
12 plus cokes
8 plus diet cokes
8 plus sprites
Bottle of clear tequila
Bottle of jack daniels
3 lbs of cheese
1 bag of ritz chips
½ chip dip
½ bag of chips
5 lbs of chicken wings
8 lbs of chicken thighs
1 box of brownies (these were gone within minutes of the animals)
8 cupcakes
Mass amount of hubby’s bbq sauce
5 lbs of tomatoes
3 lbs of onions
2 heads of lettuce
Unknown amount of jalapenos (these come from my plant and end up sending home with people as I have way more growing than I can use!)

Someone (Sonny Boy’s g/f mom!) opened the pantry to see if I had any cups in there, and came out and said something to the effect of “I wasn’t peeking in your pantry, but WOW, you are stocked!” … I think they are frugal minded but need to investigate a little more ;)

I wanted to try and do this all from my stockpile. Came close but had to buy the hamburger (10 lbs at 2.09 lb), buns for hot dogs and hamburgers, hubby bought the tater salad and doctored it up big time (its sooooo good) and I also picked up the wings, sodas, water and beer. All in all, I probably spent about $70 for everything. Not bad for a 3 day feast of mass quantities in my opinion.


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